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Smart computer controlled glasscutter CCG

Glass cutter

The Smart CCG is a full automated  glasscutter that meets the highest standards.A special cutting program is used to operate the glasscutter.
  • Cutting single piece off glass
  • Cutting multiple pieces with optimalisation for minimum waste.
  • Importing data from excel files or direct from your ordering system.
  • Machine can start cutting from left and bottom side of glass to reduce waste.
  • Glass wheel can cut to the side of the glass with special sensor in knife head.
  • Air system in table lifts the glass so it can be handled easy (rotating and breaking).
  • Vacuum system that will keep small pieces of glass on the cutting position.
  • Special software interfaces possible, we make our own cutting software.
  • We can make special sizes or adapt the machine to your own specifications.
  • Optional labeling of parts is possible.
  • Library for different types of glass, and different sizes for every type off glass.
  • We can adapt the software to your own software system.
  • System can be placed in your network.
Glass menu Single Nesting example
Menu for single sheet
Nesting screen, cutting different sheets of glass

Load PDF of glasscutter

Video of Glasscutter